Acca Fee Structure in Pakistan 2021

ACCA Fee  Structure In Pakistan 2021ACCA is an emerging qualification in Pakistan that is becoming popular very among people in Pakistan nowadays. ACCA is a global accounting body that serves in 179 countries. And it was founded 116 years ago in 1904 in England. ACCA offers Chartered Certified Accountants qualification. Most people prefer ACCA over CA. Which is Pakistan’s official qualification related to accounting and finance. These two qualifications are very similar to each other. We are not going to talk about the differences and similarities between them. Today we are gonna talk about ACCA’s complete fee structure from registration to membership in Pakistan.


This fee structure is for the student who has just passed matric/Fsc or Icom and wants to start ACCA. Firstly he/she have to pass AFD(ACCA foundation diploma) exams.

The first thing you need to know is ACCA’s institute is in England so the fee is also payable in British pounds not in Pakistani rupees. Only the tuition fee is payable in Pakistani rupees the rest of the charges is payables in British pounds.

You have to pay three types of fees during ACCA qualification. 

  1. Tuition fee
  2. Exam fee
  3. Annual subscription fee




Tuition & Exam Fee Estimation


The calculations above are just estimations and may vary from institute to institute.

There are three types of Exam entries at the fundamental level Early, standard and late.

Here we had taken the Standard exam entry fee.


Annual Subscription Fee

A normal student can complete ACCA in 3 or 3.5 years. An extraordinary student can complete ACCA in 2 years. Here we just talk about a normal student.

So In these years, you have to pay Annual Subscription Fee every year in addition to exam and tuition fee which is;

  • £58 for the first year
  • £112 for second & third year
  • £129 for fourth & next 3 years (if you becomes Affiliate) in simple words if you will manage to pass 13 paper includes AFD’s 7 papes)


    When a person becomes an ACCA member he/she has to pay £258 onwards for life every year.

Total Cost

Fees & ChargesPkrpounds
Admission fee10000 
Registration fee 45
Tuition fee340000 
Exam fee 1799
Annual subscription fee(during study) 411 (58+112+112+129)
Total350,000 Pakistani rupees2255 pounds


So if you have just passed matric/Fsc or Icom and want to start Acca in 2021 in Pakistan. Your total cost will be roundabout 350,000 Pakistani rupees + 2255 British pounds shown above. today(Friday, 21 May 2021) the average rate of the pound is 216.25 so if multiply 2255 to 216.25 we get 487,055 Pakistani rupees. Our total expenditure becomes 837,055 Pakistani Rupees. According to these estimations, total expenditures become 8.4lac Pakistani rupees. But these feeses and charges are not enough there are also other expenses a man has to pay for example transport, security fee of the institute and purchasing of books, etc. So if we include these estimations, our total expecting cost of ACCA in Pakistan will be roundabout  10 Lac Pakistani rupees.

we apologize if you experience different circumstances because here we are just taking estimations and approximations. The rates vary from institute to institute. And also currency rates are very variable. 

For more information regarding fees and charges, you can visit ACCA’s official website.

for visiting ACCA’s official website click here.

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