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Today is the age of electronic media. Everyone seeks their questions on google and youtube. But these resources only answer the questions which a person asks them. Because websites and youtube publishers nowadays are publishing their content having very short context. they only want to answer that questions which have a very large search volume. They neglect these questions, which the viewers did not ask but these key points were the essential part of that topic. After all, they are the bloggers and content writers, not the scholars.

In order to gain complete information about a topic, books are the best choice. electronic media and other resources of information can not takes place of the books. Books are the complete source of information. books make man wise.

for example, if you search about the history of your country on the internet you will find only major events of the past and if a person did publish it in a detail, you will definitely get bored of reading it. But in other cases, if you purchase a book by a good author about the history of your country, it will give you perfect and complete information. After reading thoroughly, your level of knowledge increases. And after reading such a book you will have enough knowledge to understand your country very well,




“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

― Ernest Hemingway




        Today I’m gonna show you the 10 books that everyone should read that will helps you a lot in your everyday life. after reading all or one of them, you will feel very conscious about yourself and society. and you will become very responsible.

1. A Short History Of Nearly Everything

  • Author:              Bill Bryson 
  • date:                    2003
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Pages:                544


This book explains nearly everything as mentioned in the title. Everything means that all events that happened from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe. This book answers the question, how this universe had come into existence? How we(homo sapiens) evolved over time and become the most intelligent species? What difficulties did we face? What challenges did we face? And how we have become space-traveling species?

Bryson covers nearly all categories of sciences like physics, Cosmology, Chemistry, biology, psychology and astronomy, and many others.


2. The Art Of War

  • Author:                   Sun Tzu
  • date:                        5th century BC
  • Language:             Classical Chinese
  • Translated by:    Michael Nylan(2020)
  • Genre:                    Non-Fiction
  • Subject:                 Military Art
  • Pages:                    160


          The art of war is a book, written for aiding in the field of Chinese military power, by SUN TZU in the 12th century. Sun Tzu was a well-known writer, war strategist, and philosopher. This book teaches us, self-defense and fight strategies against any enemy. And it also teaches us The perfect time for the fight and when to retreat. This book explains in detail the nature of the fight and how to win every type of fight.

3 .Thinking, Fast and Slow

  • Author:              Daniel Kahneman 
  • date:                    2011
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Subject:             Psychology
  • Pages:                499


                    According to the writer we all have two systems in our brains. And he explains how these two systems in our brains are constantly fighting over control of our behavior and actions, and teaches us the many ways in which this leads to errors in memory, judgment, and decisions and what we should do about it. This book answers many questions like How to use the brain very effectively and How our brain process so much information.

4. sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

  • Author:            Yuval Noah Harari 
  • date:                 2014(in English)
  • Language:      Hebrew, English, Hindi
  • Genre:              Non-Fiction
  • Subject:           History, Social Philosophy
  • Pages:              443


Sapiens is a very popular book. The reason for the popularity of that is the CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. He recommends this book to everyone. On the other hand, this book also has the ability to attract readers. This book explains us and covers every single event that happened in the past. The main topic of this book is MAN, the early human history. 

5. Cosmos

  • Author:              Carl Sagan 
  • date:                    1980
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Subject:             Cosmology
  • Pages:                396


Cosmos book is written by Carl Edward Sagan. He was an American astronomer, author, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and science communicator. His great scientific contribution is research on extraterrestrial life and experimental demonstration of the production of amino acids from basic chemicals by radiation. Sagan assembled the first physical messages sent into space. In this book, Sagan talks about a brief history of the universe and the major events that happened and will likely happen. He also covers the topic of extraterrestrial life. 

6. Guns, germs, And Steel

  • Author:              Jared Diamond 
  • date:                    1997
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Pages:                480


The book Guns, Germs, and Steel are written by Jared Mason Diamond. He is an American geographer, historian, and author.

This book argues, how Eurasian and North African civilizations developed and how they moved on. and the journey of mankind from the first African tribes to great kingdoms.

7. A Breif History Of Time

  • Author:              Stephen Hawking
  • date:                    1988
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Subject:             Cosmology
  • Pages:                256


 The brief history of science is written by a most famous Cosmologist, Physicist, and great Author Stephen Hawking. The subject of this book is Theoretical Cosmology. In this book, Hawking explains Time and Space in a very unique way. He explains How planets and galaxies formed. In this book, he talks about the two main and most important theories General Relativity and quantum mechanics. He also describes our picture and views about the universe now and beginning. He also discusses the topics of wormholes and time travel. Wormholes and time travel is a hot topic nowadays.

8. Homo Deus

  • Author:              Yuval Noah Harari
  • date:                    2016
  • Language:         English, Hebrew, Hindi…
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Subject:             Future Studies, Social Philosophy
  • Pages:                448


This book is written by the sapiens’s author( we have discussed above), Yuval Noah Harari. He is a great writer. His three books sapiens, homo Deus and 21 lessons for the 21st century are best-selling books all over the world. homo Deus has significant importance among readers. Because this book is related to the future and fate of humankind. Harari explains how Homo sapiens are turning into Homo Deus. This book also covers the topic like age of AI( Artificial Intelligence).

9. Man's Search For Meaning

  • Author:                 Viktor Frankl
  • date:                       1946
  • Language:           German
  • Translated by:  Ilse Lasch
  • Genre:                  Non-Fiction
  • Subject:               Psychology
  • Pages:                   200


Man’s search for meaning is a book related to Viktor Frankl’s(Author) experience as a prisoner in Nazi Concentration Camp during world war II as well as his psychotherapeutic technique called logotherapy. The book explains what was the effects on his mental health as a prisoner and how he resolved everyday problems a man faces as a prisoner. Frankl writes his observations on his inmates in jail. He says that a man as a prisoner goes through three stages in prison. In short, the book explains how a meaningful life and a goal in life help a man to survive any tough conditions.

10. The Greatest Secret In The World

  • Author:              Og Mandino
  • date:                    1972
  • Language:         English
  • Genre:                Non-Fiction
  • Pages:                176

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