Leaks of iPhone 13 show its surprising design

Is iPhone 13 and 13 pro max coming in rose gold this year? or these are just rumors? 

the leaked pictures of the new iPhone 13 design have become a trend on Twitter. 

Lots of people sharing these pictures. well, this is not certain and sure because Apple did not officially share these pictures. these pictures are uploaded by pengphones very popular mobile store in Nigeria. and a random Instagram account. They named this color RoseGold. 

These leaks show the design which looks cool. the colors look very amazing and stunning but it is not very different from the previous apple phones. Most people think it is a very attractive design and ready to buy when it will be available in the market. On the other hand, people also criticize because they think it is a girlish color and prefer the black color the most. We all know Apple will not disappoint its users and make its products in different colors and ranges. But those who love black color demand Apple to work on black color and make it their masterpiece.

A screenshot of New iphone 13 uploded by Pengphones

This design is very similar to iPhone 4 and 12 series. Another Twitter account named leaksApplepro uploaded the video of a new phone but again these videos and pictures are edited versions by designers. these leaks are very common in the world internet. on the internet we often see movie leaks that are created and made by fans and are not based on reality. later on, the movie will completely different. the people who did these things are designers and video editors who make these things for the sake of popularity and social media ratings. In iPhone’s case, these leaks are very common some designers make these pictures for fun. But the picture uploaded by Pengphones makes sense.  A piece of news by them can not be neglected. So the chance of coming to Rosegold colored iPhone is very high. 

Some rumors also talk about a purple-colored iPhone. The first time Apple has released a pink iPhone, The iPhone 5C, released in 2013, was available in pink. 2018’s iPhone XR came in coral, and the iPhone 6S from 2015 was sold in rose gold.

Another thing we have to notice the pink-colored IMac announced the previous month. Apple announced a redesigned iMac alongside the purple iPhone 12 and it comes in silver, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink.

The pink IMac (Screenshot/Apple)

We can not say anything surely because most likely iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max are in a development stage. And will be announced in September 2021 (likely) by Apple officially.

Maybe iPhone 13 will be completely different from all of apple’s products and maybe it will be as same as shown by these leaks. 


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